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Damon: “Little redbird—”
Bonnie: “I’m not your little redbird! You’re Elena’s boyfriend; you shouldn’t even be calling me like that. And it’s not your job to protect me! It’s none of your business!”
Damon: “It’s my business if you go out there again tonight and freeze. In fact, I will make it my very own personal business if you even try to do that.”
War of Roses, Bonnie & Damon. Bonnie is his business. (via bookbamonbookclub)


You know why that scene with Elena talking to Matt about Damon/Stefan was so important? Its the last REAL scene with a human Elena telling her absolute REAL feelings about both men before she died. Yes, she said she had feelings for Damon but on the other side she never unfell for Stefan and knew that’s who she wanted to be with. There’s a quote that Julie tweeted and she said “Elena has already made her choice, now its about how life evolves”, now we all know who she chose at the end of S3 and we saw the after effects of S4 and S5 but its that word ‘evolve’ that still gets me. We haven’t seen the last of Stelena, they’ve stalled on their reunion for a reason, but this show started with them and i’m willing to be its going to go back to them in the end. 

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